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a bit about me:

Hi! I’m Olivia Pellerin class of 2024. I started playing golf when I was about 7 and fell in love with it. I love golf because I enjoy the challenges of competing against yourself and striving to beat the person you were yesterday. I love getting to travel and play at new courses and meet new people. I enjoy getting up early and walking with my dad and getting to spend time doing something I love. Before I started playing golf, I figure skated. This is something I still continue to do today. I do ice-dance where I work with a partner, and then freeskate where I am able to do jumps and spins. I typically get up early to skate before school so that I can play golf after school. I like being able to play both sports. They are very different, but both thrive off the self competition, the strong mental game, and the willingness to keep pushing yourself.

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